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Leading Pest Inspections In San Antonio

GreenWorks Inspection provides safe and effective pest control solutions backed by years of experience. We provide an efficient, effective, and environmentally-friendly service tailored to your needs. Our highly-trained specialists will ensure a long-lasting pest control strategy, whether it is for your home or business.

Pest Elimination Is Important For Your Health And Safety

Pests are not just an annoyance; they can also threaten your health and safety. They spread disease, damage property, cause allergies and affect the quality of life in the space. Pests are a nuisance, and they can cause a lot of harm to your property. They can also pose health and safety concerns to you, your staff, and your tenants. You should take precautions against them to ensure that their presence does not affect the quality of life in your space. It is essential to know how to identify the pests in your home or business so that you can take steps to prevent them from spreading. Have a pest inspection in San Antonio, TX, immediately if you fear your home or business has been invaded by pests.

Cause Health Implications

Pests are a serious threat to human health and can spread pathogens in several ways. They contaminate any food they touch and can spread diseases. Pests can spread allergens, cause asthma flare-ups, rashes and worsen respiratory illnesses.


Affect A Buildings Structural Integrity

Wood-destroying pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees are usually seen as a nuisance and a threat to the structural integrity of buildings. They can seriously compromise the structural integrity of buildings if left untreated. Besides the safety risks, these tiny insects can leave behind irreparable damage and thousands of dollars worth of repairs.


Damage Property And Goods 

Pests are a nuisance for homeowners but can also be a big problem for businesses. According to National Pest Management Association (NPMA), they damage property and goods worth billions of dollars in the US alone.


Premium Pest Solutions San Antonio TX

We offer a range of pest control packages to suit your needs so that you can easily protect your home or business.


Pest inspections are often the missing piece to a complete pest solution. GreenWorks Inspection offers you a professional pest control professional team that is highly trained in using the right approach to timely eliminating pests from your home or business. With GreenWorks Inspection, your homes will receive professional treatment in just a few hours- we have customized Pest Packages for everyone.



Every customer who enters our doors receives a comprehensive inspection for pests and is guaranteed the most up-to-date treatment with our PEST STANDARD service package.


  • Quarterly Service Visits

  • General Pest Coverage

  • Home Exterior Treatment

  • Spider Web Removal

  • Yard Treatment

  • 100% Service Guarantee

Areas We Serve

We also offer a full range of pest management services for homes and businesses in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio.

Fast & Effective Treatment Solutions for Your Home or Business

We are committed to providing effective treatment solutions that are fast and affordable. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with quality service that gets the job done right the first time.

Our Clients Speak For the US

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