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Home Appliances That A Home Inspector Does Not Inspect

If your home purchase negotiation did include the inspection of several appliances, then you must be wondering what appliances a certified home inspector will check and what appliances he will not during a home inspection in Fort Worth.

A simple answer to this question is that home inspectors check the built-in appliances that come with the home. The homeowners take many appliances with them, so they are not supposedly checked by the home inspectors. According to the ASHI Standards of Practice, appliance thermostats, door seals, timers, adequacy of heating elements, and other specialized appliance features are not required to be checked by a home inspector.

It is important to know why home inspections are essential, and that home inspectors’ primary role is to look for structural, plumbing, electrical, and other major safety issues. If you are moving into a newly built house, the home inspectors will check all appliances. However, they can still check additional items, such as appliances not built in, if requested.

Appliances Included in Your Home Inspection

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice is the benchmark for many insurance companies and licensing boards. And according to ASHI, the appliances that are covered by the home inspection are:

  • Cooktop

  • Wall oven

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

  • Kitchen range

  • Waste disposal

  • Built-in microwave

  • Range hood

It is also essential to understand that these items won’t be exhaustively inspected by an appliance expert, even if a home inspection includes them. A home inspector will only be checking for two things, mainly when checking the appliances, and these are: is the appliance operating as it should? And secondly, are they any visible defects in the function of the appliance?

Appliances That Home Inspection Doesn’t Include

Countertop appliances are the appliances that the home inspectors do not check; these include:

  • Small refrigerators

  • Clothes washers

  • Microwaves

  • Central vacuum systems

  • Any appliances that can be unplugged quickly